Construction Management

Construction management is a project delivery method used in the renovation and/or construction of a project. Construction management emphasizes a team approach, among the Construction Manager (CM), Owner, Contractor and Architect, which is intended to promote increased owner input, provide better opportunity for cost savings, and improve quality control during construction. A CM is best utilized at the outset of a job during the pre-design and design phase. The CM will assist the owner in defining the project’s scope and budget requirements, providing constructability reviews, cost savings and cost estimates during the design phase, which will result in minimizing cost, time and design changes.

As a Construction Manager we shall provide the services described below but may offer additional services if mutually agreed between the parties.

Project Planning

  • Develop written goals and objectives for the project with the Owner
  • Set reporting formats
  • Prepare preliminary schedule
  • Prepare preliminary budget
  • Coordinate between the owner and architect

Coordinate Design

  • Review preliminary design and space requirements with the Owner
  • Coordinate any other consultant's input such as 3-D plans, lighting, audio visual, security, technology, moving and others
  • Confirm design plan is acceptable to the Owner

Architectural Design and Construction Drawings

  • Review drawings and propose cost savings
  • Coordinate communication between Owner, Architect, Contractor and other parties
  • Initiate competitive contractor pricing with final plan and material allowances for finishes
  • Analyze and qualify bids received

Management and Coordination

  • Coordinate and conduct negotiations for the construction contracts protecting the Owner’s interests and minimizing risk
  • Lead weekly job meetings along with site visits
  • Resolve issues as they arise
  • Track allowance expenditures
  • Review any proposed changes and recommend Owner action
  • Monitor construction schedule status and update the Owner

Construction Closeout

  • Develop punch list with the contractor and architect
  • Insure Certificate of Occupancy is received
  • Secure final release of lien from contractors
  • Verify all punch list items are completed to satisfaction of the Owner
  • Provide warranty documents to the Owner
  • Provide operation and maintenance manuals to the Owner

Additional Services

  • 3-Dimensional Plans
  • Waterproofing Consultant
  • Computer systems/Audio Visual/Security
  • Move-in Planning and Coordination